The Trifecta is staged on NZ's fishing mecca of the Eastern Coromandel, and hosted at Tairua Fishing Club.

Once again we are planning an awesome social occasion that celebrates three awesome spring fish - hapuku, kingfish and snapper.

This years event will be run over two days - the 28th and 29th Sept, giving you the best possible chance of catching all three species of fish.

We'll have a range of awesome prizes once again for individuals and teams.

We hope you can all make it along for the second annual 'Trifecta'!


Entry Cut Off: 26 September @$150pp (or earlier if tickets sell out)

Briefing night: From 4pm Thursday 27 Sept

(all entrants must be at briefing by 8pm)

 Daily Start Fishing: 5am Fri 28 , Sat 29

Daily Stop Fishing: 5pm Fri, 4pm Sat 

Weigh station closes: Must be in line before 5pm Saturday 29 Sept

Prizegiving: From 7pm Saturday 29 Sept (Live Band and Prizes)


Great Barrier Island to Motiti including Cuvier, Mercury Islands, Aldermen Islands and Mayor Island

Launch from Tairua, Whitianga, Kuaotunu, Cooks, Whangamata, Tauranga

(Contingency Note: Tairua bar will be closed if the harbourmaster has a caution warning. In the event the East Coast is not fishable, the Firth of Thames will be opened up and species changed. This event will take place regardless of forecast and all prizes will be given out.)


Release of kingfish and snapper is encouraged but not mandatory.

Hapuku weight does not count towards Trifecta.

Kingfish (measure) 1st 2nd 3rd in 3 categories (Male, Female, Junior)

Snapper (measure) 1st 2nd 3rd in 3 categories (Male, Female, Junior)

Hapuku (weigh) 1st 2nd 3rd in 3 categories (Male, Female, Junior)

TRIFECTA - TEAM (Points) 1st 2nd 3rd

5 longest snapper + 3 longest kingfish + 100pts for puka (max of 3) MULTIPLIED BY SPECIES CAUGHT

TRIFECTA - ANGLER1st 2nd 3rd

2 longest snapper + longest kingfish + 100pts for a puka (max of 1)    - MULTIPLIED BY SPECIES CAUGHT



Please complete all of the details below and press Send

On receipt of your entry form we will email the team captain with a team number, an invoice, bank account and reference for payment of the $150 per angler entry fee.


Team Captain / Skipper *
Team Captain / Skipper
This person is responsible for the safety of all their crew, and ensuring all team members follow the rules set out in the competition.
Must be over 18 as at 1 July 2018.
NOTE: All boats must have a current VHF callsign
Angler Two
Angler Two
Angler Three
Angler Three
Angler Four
Angler Four
Angler Five
Angler Five
NZ Fishing Community Member?
Accept Terms and Conditions *




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The 'organiser' is "Zoned In Ltd"

The 'entrant' is anyone entering as an angler in the Trifecta 

The 'team captain' is the nominated team captain for each team

The 'event' is The Trifecta fishing event being held at the Tairua Fishing Club 28,29 Sept 2018 (briefing 27 Sept)

1. The organiser is organising a social event at the Tairua Fishing Club. This includes entertainment, prizes and the weighing and judging of fish caught on 28,29 Sept. The organiser takes no responsibility for the safety of entrants on the water.

2. The team captain is the person responsible for their own safety, the safety of their entrants and anyone on their vessel.

3. The organiser strongly recommends every vessel entering has the appropriate safety gear including but not limited to EPIRB, VHF radio, lifejackets, flares, fire extinguisher and a Coastguard call sign

4. The organiser reserves the right to change the rules of the competition prior to briefing night

5. The organiser reserves the right to change the fishing boundaries prior to briefing night

6. All entrants must attend the briefing night on 27 Sept

7. All entrants must attend the prizegiving on 29 Sept. Prize winners must attend the prizegiving to claim their prize, or the prize will be drawn.

8. All entrants agree that their details and photos and any video footage of them can be used in perpetuity by the organiser

9. The judges decision on winners is final. No correspondence will be entered in to.

10. The event will take place regardless of weather conditions. All prizes will be drawn if no fish are caught or if no fishing takes place. Fishing areas may change if adverse weather conditions are forecast. This decision will be made assuming entrants are fishing in a 7m+ pontoon boat. Team captains should make their own decision on where to fish within the competition boundaries, based on their assessment of the conditions.

11. All team members and entrants agree to abide by the rules set out as advised on briefing night

12. The organiser reserves the right to change any categories and prizes prior to the breifing night

13. All entrants must abide by Ministry of Primary Industries fisheries rules

14. All entrants must use the tournament mat to measure their fish

15. The team captain is responsible to ensure his or her boat adheres to all maritime and local council rules and bylaws relevant.

16. All fish must be caught using IGFA and NZBGFC rules and bylaws. Exceptions: Braid to 60kg is allowed. Assist hooks are allowed on jigs. Treble hooks are allowed on stickbaits. 

17. All event organizers decision is final.

18. All team captains are responsible for passing on information to crew.

19 All entrants agree and accept :

-To enter this tournament at their own risk.

-Not to hold any tournament organizer, official, sponsor or any other person involved with this tournament responsible for any loss or injury to person or equipment incurred during this tournament.

-Not withstanding any representations made it shall be the responsibility of all entrants to ensure that the provisions of all statutes ordinances are complied with.

-The above signed team Captain agrees to have read and understood the tournament rules.