Sept 2011 - Kingfish back on the jigs

Spring has sprung, the days are getting longer and the kingfish are on the chew.

With springs arrival, the kingfish have hit the jigs again, and I had a great little jigging session with some Aussie boys, we stopped hard on any fish we saw on the Furuno, not so good for the gearbox but it worked, jigs straight down and the result was 44 fish on jigs in a day.

Had a great week with Mick Johnson - this fish magnet pulling the fish in around the boat as usual!

Blue Broken Arrow jigs and Pink Jigging Master rocket jigs have been the hot performers!

The crayfish are coming out of berry as well, and it is a good time to work the fringes of the kelp beds and find the males and females still together around the nest after the females let their eggs go.

The scallops are bit fat and plump!

So all in all - there is not too much to complain about here on the mighty Coromandel!