April 2009 - Jigging the Aldies with the Singapore Boys!

April 2009 has been fun! Have had some interesting crews out on the water who I have learnt a lot from. Top of that list would be a bunch of boys from Singapore who know how to fish! Seriously these boys can jig, a few things I learnt:

-Casting away from the boat works! These boys always flicked their jigs a fair way away from the boat and between the four of them that gives the jigs a much wider coverage area

-Different styles of jigs and jigging - these guys have a much different action to Kiwis, and it seemed to work

-Changing colours - these boys were always mixing it up, and would change over to the colour that worked once they were on fish

The results, big kings on jigs to 30kg, and some awesome soft bait action as well. The boys fished real small jig heads in 100m of water and slayed some exceptional fish!