Autumn Fishing with the Family

When it comes to fishing in close with the family, you can't beat autumn!

There is so much bait, primo snapper and kingfish packed hard on the coast around Tairua this time of year.

I went to go for a blast with the kids the other day, and we never left the wharf, thats where all the bait was, and consequently where the kingfish were! Both Bella and Oscar ended up with kingfish that many adults would be proud of. Nice work kids!

Out a bit further and anchoring up over some foul with lots of burley you'll soon have snapper and kingfish up feeding behind the motor. I took a few of family out the other day and everyone had a ball stray lining cubed baits back to snapper and kingis 

And theres plenty of bugs around too, 5-10m of water, we went for a bit of a camp over at Boat Harbour the other night, what a great spot to take the kids on an adventure! Crays and paua cooked over a campfire, it doesn't get much better!